2018: You look different

For the past few years I have been deep in transition.

Since then: My old skin has fallen away, it no longer fits.

My cells feel different, they vibrate in my body in a new way.

My thoughts come and go with less attachment and force.

And, my heart beats to a deeper rhythm than ever before.

So, I think it is fair to say I feel different. And, with that has brought about some new ways of being. What I have learnt over these particular years is that transition is often steeped with uncertainty; with regular and niggling messy thoughts and feelings of total isolation. But, it is within these moments (or, in my case –years) we start to uncover the gifts, lessons and ultimately our unique power rising from the ashes of our ‘former’ self.

I was having breakfast with one of my beautiful friends this morning, when she described me as having a quiet confidence. And, she is right. This transition or unfurling into my role as a wife, business woman and most recently a mother has given me a sense of knowing, a feeling of purpose and ultimately a quiet confidence. I trust my place, here. I trust that the gifts of transition have landed gracefully upon my heart.

I no longer seek for someone or something to fill my aching gaps.

I no longer seek outside of myself to be filled.

Transition has taught me the power of my own uniqueness.

So, as I emerge out the other side, almost 2 years later I have a deep sense of knowing that this year WILL be different – in the best kind of way.

2018 already feels lighter.

My hopes and desires for this year feel purposeful, potent and playful. And, while I have a really good feeling about this year, nurturing myself through this ‘re-emerging’ of sorts is my highest priority.

This year, I am doing things a little differently.

And, for help with that I am calling in my village.

1. It takes a village.

We are not meant to do this alone.

We are meant to be supported by our sisters. We are meant to lean on, support and inspire each other. This is not just in motherhood, this is in ‘womenhood’. It is women coming together, women with children and women without children. Women in life.

This year I am calling on my sisters, some I know by heart and others I haven’t even met yet.

How would life look different if you had a circle of women around you?

How would life look different if you felt supported, heard, accepted and truly seen?

Speaking of which –

2.  I chose to be – Seen!

Recently, on my Instagram I shared one of my guiding words for 2018 – seen. I, also shared how 18 months ago I fell pregnant and went inward and how I have kind of stayed there ever since. I’d pop my head out from time to time but for the most part I have stepped back, shied away and put my husband and my son forward in fear of being seen; seems crazy for someone who only a few years prior sang in front of 14,000 people at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

And yet, for the past few years I write blog posts and never press publish, I take pictures and never post them and I have ideas and dreams that don’t leave the pages of my journal.

To be seen is my gentle reminder to come into the light.

To expand instead of contract.

To trust my heart when it whispers, “Jump Jody”.

And, to open up to the possibilities of – ME, when I am truly seen; by myself and others.

3.       Life, I am ready to dance

My husband and I are very ‘go with the flow’ kind of people, we move with life; it is not often that we will fight against it. This ability to be fluid and adaptable serves us well for the most part, however, it comes with its loop holes too.

It can become very easy for days, weeks, months or – gulp – even years to pass by. The act of going with the flow, becomes a passive act and a missed opportunity to co-create with life.

The sheer act of ‘winging it’ doesn’t serve me anymore.

This year is different.

It is a collaborative dance with the universe.

It is equal parts action and fluidity.

It is the year where goals, desires and boundaries are more than words on a page. They are my code; my words to live by, and my actions to take.

This year I am taking up the invitation to co-create with life. 

So, I encourage you to think about where in your life can you pivot a little towards a life that feels more aligned with your own uniqueness?

What could you do differently to dance with and co-create with life in 2018?

I would love to hear.



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