Who Am I Again?

“When you let go of who you are, you become who you might be ” – Rumi  

I can feel a massive shift within me right now.

I am changing. My thoughts, my body, my spirit.

I am being called to a higher level of accountability. To release the grip on the old. All of which no longer serves me .

Old thoughts, old expectations, old beliefs, old hair.

I have always been one to be constantly working on my own ‘stuff’- I am all for evolution. But this is BIG. VULNERABLE. POWERFUL.

Each day I am finding myself releasing. Letting go. I let go of my old self, how I used to look, what I thought I would do in this world, where I thought I would go, who I thought I was. Everything that is not love is slipping away.

Everything I once knew is now in question….no wonder I feel tired!

Change is running deep, though all parts of me. The depths of my soul have been stirred up, and I am not sure where I am going to land.

I loved my hair and I let it go. I feel so exposed and out in the open with nothing to hide behind and yet I feel sexier and more like myself than ever.

Turns out I am not alone. Everywhere I turn, other people are feeling this too.

So many conversations have been had. We are questioning, we are changing, and we are stripping it all back.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen the words ‘I am enough’ plastered around, like divine lightning bolts from the universe straight into my wide open heart.

Subtle reminders that my beauty is not defined by the length of my hair, nor will I be considered unsuccessful or incomplete without a thriving business, overflowing bank balance and white picket fence.

I am deep in unknown territory. My old skin no longer fits.

I am floating through white space, patiently waiting and praying for the next chapter of my story to land.

I am allowing myself this space to breathe. Allowing space in between my stories.

Maybe this is my journey to freedom, to present moment living.


I have promised myself not to latch onto the next chapter in fear there won’t be enough to go around. I trust that when the white space clears, I will recoginse it and act accordingly.

The old me is falling away, yet who will I become?

I don’t remember asking for this. And yet I am holding the space with openness, maybe all of this is slipping away to free me up for something new.

Or maybe, the beauty is not in the result at all but yet in the shaping of the result – the magic of the transformation?

For now, I am simply practising kindness to myself like never ever before.



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