dearest one,


Let me ask you - 

Have you ever met someone who you just want to be around, you perhaps can’t quite put your finger on why – but you want a little of what they’re having? 

Their eyes sparkle with presence. 

Their energy so inviting and delicious, it is almost palpable. 

There is a quiet confidence, a peacefulness, a deep sense of knowing who they are about them. 

They seem to magnetize life to them in beautiful and profound ways. 

And in this state of the current world - they seem like a rare mythical creature. 


Here is the thing – I do not believe this way of being is exclusive to a certain type of person.  

It is not reserved for a select lucky few.  

And I want to show you how you can access it – everyday. 

The place where your most authentic self resides. 

The very thing that makes you – you.  

And makes you magnetic to the world around you. 


But first you must learn how to remove the layers of stress and fatigue from your system so you can start to make direct contact with this very part of you.  

The technique I am going to teach you will do just that – in two parts.  

First, it expands self-awareness rapidly. So you can become more deeply acquainted with your authenticity – your true self. 

As well as triggering deep rest that enables your nervous system and your brain and your whole body to recover from the impact of having too much stress in your system for as long as you have.  

This unique and powerful combination of building self-awareness and releasing stress replenishes your system and has a beautifully profound and transformational effect on your life. 


I believe becoming magnetic is available to everyone.


And one of the fastest way for you to tap into this is through meditation.  

You beyond your mind.  

In pure states of awareness. 

When your thoughts slip through the cracks. 

And, you drop into deep blissful states of being.  

It is here in these moments you meet yourself.  

Your most magnetic self.  

And, that is what I want to teach you how to do.  



Meditation is a simple and elegant way of investing a small amount of your time once or twice a day to sitting and causing an effect in your system.

There are huge misconceptions about meditation being a difficult thing to do and that what you are required to do is control your mind in some way, stop yourself from thinking, to enter into a deep calm state with force and control. 

This is not the case here. 

The category of meditation that I teach is referred to as a being technique and it is remarkably easy to practice.   

The nature of the mind is that it naturally becomes quieter when you create the perfect conditions for it to do so. I am going to teach you how to create those perfect conditions.  

And so I ask you, my love.  

Do you crave deep rest?  

Clarity of mind to make aligned decisions? 

A steady and stable awareness to meet the demands of your life with ease? 

A more intimate relationship with yourself?  

An ability to be in the flow of life more often, without rigid attachment to outcomes? 

Less stress, fear and overwhelm? 

Connection and community in a whole new way?

An experience of yourself that feels confident and enlivened and more like you more of the time? 

When you experience your true self in meditation, you become magnetic, a powerful influence in all of the lives you come into contact with.  

I am here to remind you that everything you desire is within - this is your invitation to join me in unlocking that within your life. 

Here is everything you need to know:  

The course is held in-person over three consecutive nights. The structure of the course is very considered and important in supporting you to understand, practice and embed this technique into your daily life.  

You will be learning the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique over the course of the Become Magnetic series.

Dates: Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th November 2019  

From 7:00-8:30pm each evening.

Venue: Enough Studio  


Dates: Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November 2019  

Friday 7:00-8:30pm + Saturday and Sunday 4:00-5:30pm

Venue: Semaphore (address given upon booking)

your investment



Let’s explore what you will get when you join Become Magnetic (because, trust me, this is so much more than just a learn to meditate series)

  • A sacred three day in-person container for you to learn, experience and grow within

  • Unlimited access to me as your teacher for 60 days after the course

  • Access to a private Facebook chat throughout the course and beyond

  • Access to a private Facebook group filled with incredible human beings and exclusive coaching content

  • Access to online group meditations lead by me forever more

Full Investment: $295

Payment Plan: Two payments of $147.50

Will you journey with me beyond the mind?

I am so excited for what you will find.