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Sonia Bavistock is the business owner and all-round fabulous woman behind Scribe and Social. A business created after one too many coffee dates with business owners struggling with social media. Combining her love of writing and social media with a side of wit, kindness and a refreshing honesty; Sonia will champion your brand story, help navigate the social media terrain and showcase your uniqueness online, like no other.

Her beautiful testimonials truly speak to the heart of the power, professionalism and purpose behind her work. This gorgeous woman is the real deal.  



project overview

Website design and development + copywriting support


1. Jody makes everything so effortless and easy - and exciting! - from start to finish. She has this beautiful way of making you feel like anything is possible and an incredible ability to take even the tiniest seed of inspiration and turn it into the grandest of outcomes.

2. With Jody, I felt comfortable to be completely myself. She saw me for exactly who I am - my thoughts, beliefs, talents, personality and skill set - and was able to translate all of those things into a website that is a true representation of me and my business.

3. Jody cares. Like, really cares. She immerses herself in your world and won’t stop until you are beyond happy. Every image, colour, font and word matters to Jody and she will go above and beyond for you, but will never take the credit she so greatly deserves.

 Anything else? 

You bet!

I will forever be grateful to Jody for creating a website I couldn’t even imagine in the beginning. She carefully pieced together a conversation over coffee, a trail of emails and words I had written all over cyberspace. The result? A website that speaks directly from my heart and showcases all that I have to offer the world. Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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